FreeFlow Oil Services Chemical Solutions

FreeFlow Oil Services provides cost effective chemical solutions for many oilfield applications. The company is focused on providing chemicals used in well stimulation and production operations with emphasis on paraffin and asphaltene remediation in wellbores, tanks and separators.

NANOSURFACTANTS - High performance bio-engineered nanosurfactants for all types of reservoirs covering a broad geography.

The primary purpose of using surfactants in stimulating hydrocarbon rich gas reservoirs is to reduce interfacial tension, thereby enhancing oil, water and gas separation, oil and gas purification, and the removal of impurities from wastewater. 

FlowSurf NS-200Flowback aid for West Texas in general.
FlowSurf NS-300Flowback aid specific to Wolf Camp.
FlowSurf NS-500Flockback aid for broad range – all formations.
FlowSurf NS-900Flowback aid Concentrate – can dilute to required concentrate.


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