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FreeFlow Oil Services provides cost effective chemical solutions for many oilfield applications. The company is focused on providing chemicals used in well stimulation and production operations with emphasis on paraffin and asphaltene remediation in wellbores, tanks and separators.

Paraffin and asphaltene solvents that are environmentally friendly alternatives to hot oiling.

PARAFREE is designed to rapidly dissolve waxy (paraffin/asphaltene) deposits in oil wells and flow lines. Composed of environmentally-benign formulation, bio-degradable

PARAFREE is an ideal replacement for current de-waxing products involving petroleum-derived organic solvents such as Toluene and xylenes

PARAFREE can penetrate quickly and dissolve paraffinic and microcrystalline plating and deposits even at the ambient temperature

PARAFREE can be directly circulated down through annulus of the well without being heated, and returned to the well head via the production tubing.

ParaFREE – 1411Paraffin remover and alternative to hot oiling..

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